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Testimonials Shared with Consent

Image by Edward Cisneros

Attending weekly sessions with Janet when I felt overwhelmed by anxiety, fatigue, poor sleep and negative thoughts has helped me greatly. I was able to share all my concerns and feelings openly with someone who had the experience and knowledge to help me prioritise my concerns and look more deeply into the root cause and the origins of many of my emotions. She asked me to focus on particular questions for discussion the following week which was also useful and enabled me to say ‘it’s ok to feel like this in the moment’ and to value myself more than I had. I would highly recommend getting in contact with Janet to my friends and family.

The sessions were like nothing I have experienced before. Janet is an extremely empathetic individual and I could tell she was always listening - even at times to the things that weren't being said.

Image by Irene Strong

One of the key benefits of the sessions for me was perspective, understanding the trauma that I went through as a child, reflecting on how this trauma then formed coping mechanisms and that then developed into unhealthy control and perception of emotions. This insight has allowed me to take an ‘outside looking in’ approach to how I see my behaviour and how it’s impacted by my management of emotions. Once I had this perspective, I was able to make changes, allow other emotions into my life and become more balanced and calm. I feel a lot more capable of dealing with stressful situations, much more level-headed and that I’m in a better place in my relationship. During arguments with my partner, I’m able to understand her feelings better and engage with my own without just reacting with anger. I’m able to be calmer and more composed at work which has allowed me to be better at presenting and contributing in meetings. Generally being calmer has just had a great impact on me and my health and this can’t be overstated.

Man with Wooden Background

The sessions have given me clarity in my thinking. When I used to feel unsure and anxious about dealing with situations that would affect me, I'm now able to take a step back, observe the situation for what it is and remove any emotions causing me distress and generally means I respond more appropriately to these issues. Before starting the sessions with Janet, everything in my life had to go 100 mph or I would get distressed and would then change my life to again go 100 mph. I didn't see this as an issue and thought that this was just me being me. Having spent many sessions with Janet I now have clarity on the situation that caused me to perform with high energy through everything in my life. I have now ended unhealthy relationships and have formed closer bonds with family. I'm now settled in my job and am not putting excessive pressure on myself to exceed expectations - if I can, brilliant, if not I will do my best. I no longer feel anxious and have developed a better understanding of myself and who I want to be going forward. Janet has given me perspective and gave insight into psychology which I will always remember.

Woman with Grey Scarf

The sessions have helped me understand the anxiety that I have been feeling and to manage it better. I feel like my anxiety is more under control than before. If things happen that trigger feelings of worry and anxiety I feel that I can bring it back down more quickly. This has helped in being able to concentrate and get on with things more effectively.

Woman with Glasses

The sessions have helped me to come to terms with my thoughts and moods. Our sessions have helped me feel more ‘normal’, more at ease and I’m managing my anxiety better. You have been patient and very kind. You have not jumped to conclusions and labelled symptoms which has made me feel very comfortable chatting with you.

Image by Rivage

I can only say the service I received was lifesaving.

Woman with Blue Tshirt

I feel more resilient in myself and my life has become much more balanced, consistent and less extreme  

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